Keane slams Tottenham Hotspur star causing team loss Arsenal

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Keane slams Tottenham Hotspur star for causing team’s loss to Arsenal

  • Roy Keane attacks Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg as Tottenham Hotspur lose to Arsenal
  • This player made several incorrect positions.

So what of a team who lead 3-0 at half-time, away from home, against their most bitter rivals, while being statistically second-best?

What of a team who then gift their opponents สมัคร ufabet two goals, threaten to chuck it all away, yet hold on for three crucial points.

For 45 minutes, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal were ruthlessly efficient. In the second half, they threatened to chuck it all away, to live up to their questionable reputations as choking bottle jobs.

Yet however haphazard this performance, Arsenal look destined to take their title race with Manchester City down to the wire.

Roy Keane former midfielder and captain of Manchester United, 

a giant club in the English Premier League, has criticized Tottenham Hotspur Danish midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg as the main reason for the team’s defeat. Arsenal 2-3 at home in the league game last Sunday.

Keane, who currently plays an analyst role Leading sports media outlet, that “If we look at where Hojbjerg is standing, we can see. That He stood in the wrong position. and for experienced players His standing position is not correct.”

“It was a good pass from Arsenal and everything went quickly, but Hojbjerg put himself in the wrong position.”

In the game, Arsenal took a three-goal lead through Hojbjerg’s own goal, then Bukayo Saka and Kai Haverts added goals each before Spurs pulled back. 2 goals from Christian Romero and Song Heung-min.

After the game ended, Spurs were still ranked 5th in the Premier League standings with 60 points from 33 games and likely to miss out on a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next year.