Mata clearly points out Manchester United players teammates

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Mata clearly points out the Manchester United players that teammates should follow as role models.

  • Juan Mata thinks Manchester United players should follow Bruno Fernandes as a role model.
  • This player is a professional team captain.
  • The players dedicate to the “Red Devils” every game they play on the field.

Juan Mata, former Spanish winger of Manchester United, the giant club of the English Premier League, came out to express his opinion that Bruno Fernandes, commander of the Portuguese national team, He is a player that “Red Devils” players should take as an example.

The former Spurs player said: “I can tell you that for me right now.

There great leader in this Manchester United team. Which is captain Bruno. I want to tell all the young players to: Look up at him I can’t tell you that. How important is he for the club?”

“It’s not just because. What he’s done in recent games. But he has also been consistent over the years he has played for the club. It’s really incredible. He is a top player. Great person so for me the culture of the club should built around him.”

“He great example for new generation. Players currently playing for the team like Alejandro Carnacio, Cobby Mainu and Rasmus Hojland should be watching ยูฟ่าเบท him train. And the way he carries himself, for me, he is someone. Who is always there for the team.”

 “Teams can have good games or bad games. But he is always on the pitch with the right attitude and for me. That is what Bo all about Manchester United player.”