Advantages of drinking “natural caffeine”

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Advantages of drinking “coffee” that contains “natural caffeine

Every morning, many people like to start their day with a cup of coffee. So that the body receives natural caffeine To make you feel awake, refreshed, and energized. If you miss coffee in the morning, you may feel drowsy. Not at all fresh. Today we will take you to get to know this important substance. and the advantages of drinking coffee with natural caffeine That provides more than just being alert, such as helping burn energy. Increase work efficiency and exercise If we drink the right amount of coffee. Report from สมัคร ufabet

How does caffeine affect the body?

Caffeine is an important substance found naturally from coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa, and cola that are commonly used to make drinks and desserts that young men and women love. The structure of caffeine. It looks similar to “adenosine,” a neurotransmitter that is responsible for making us sleepy. When we drink beverages that contain caffeine, such as black coffee, espresso, milk coffee, or cocoa, into the body, the caffeine will prevent “adenosine” from working and make us not feel sleepy. there

How many types of caffeine are there and how are they different?

Did you know that nowadays we consume caffeine from 2 types of sources?

  1. natural caffeine That comes from coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa, and cola that are popularly used to make various kinds of drinks.
  2. synthetic caffeine Found mostly in soft drinks and energy drinks. It was invented during World War II because during that time people wanted to drink caffeinated beverages. Plus the cost of natural caffeine has increased. Synthetic caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than natural caffeine. Therefore, the effects on the body are faster and stronger. and may cause the drinker to experience tremors, heart palpitations, and rapid heartbeat more easily While natural caffeine has a more stable and stable bioavailability.

Advantages of drinking coffee with natural caffeine

  1. Makes you alert and able to focus on your work.

Coffee with natural caffeine Helps you feel awake, refreshed, and energized. Increase work efficiency more Able to concentrate and focus on work better, such as for strong coffee lovers. If in the morning before starting work Drink 3 shots of espresso coffee
with natural caffeine. It will help you feel awake. more energetic

  1. Helps increase calorie burning and work better.

Caffeine increases energy metabolism. Make the brain alert Thus helping to increase work efficiency.  When supplemented with three vitamins: Vitamin B6 helps the body obtain energy from normal metabolism; Vitamin B2
and vitamin B3 Helps the body obtain energy from carbohydrates, protein, and fat normally. Therefore, it is a boost of energy and ready to start a new day.

  1. Helps increase fitness and exercise longer.

Drinking coffee 30-60 minutes before exercise will help increase exercise performance. The caffeine in coffee increases endurance. Makes us exercise longer And if we drink coffee mixed with milk before exercising The protein in milk helps us feel full. It is a source of energy that the body can use for exercising. Supplemented with vitamin B6 Helps the body obtain energy from normal metabolism, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Helps the body obtain energy from carbohydrates, protein, and fat normally. And vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of muscles.