Grobbelaar comes over, holds Graeme Potter to control for Liverpool.

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Legendary Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar has named Graeme Potter as one of the interesting options for the new manager position at Anfield.

    Jürgen Klopp announced last Friday that. He will step down as manager of the Reds at the end of this season. As soon as the announcement was made, it was very shocking to football fans. Meanwhile, the media rushed to report the news about the replacement who would take over immediately. With the name of Xabi Alonso being raised as a candidate UFABET 

    However, Grobbelaar sees Potter as the right person to succeed Klopp in his approach to developing young players into the first team.

    “We have had discussions with ourselves. among former players Some names like Xabi Alonso come up all the time.” Grobbelaar told Virgin Media Sport. “But if you look at which managers are producing young players from… Academy to the first team. Then they sold the players. And there’s one person that comes to mind: Graeme Potter.”

    “When he was at Brighton, what he did there. He defined everything at Brighton and how Brighton are today. Now he’s unemployed. He has been resting for a year. He could be one to watch. Because he uses young players like Jürgen Kopp used in his Liverpool team when dealing with injuries. He can have the same platform.”

    “I know he will bring his old staff with him because the whole staff at Liverpool will change. So it is a good move for him for the next manager.”