Glenn fears Xabi Alonso has too little experience.

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Former Liverpool defender Glenn Johnson is worried that Xabi Alonso has too little experience to manage a big team like Liverpool.

    The “Reds” have to look for a new manager after Jurgen Klopp announced his departure from the team at the end of this season. With Alonso’s name being talked about more than anyone else. After his excellent performance with Leverkusen this season.    UFABET 

    However, Johnson is concerned about Alonso’s lack of managerial experience, with Steven Gerrard also on the list. On becoming the big boss of Anfield this summer.


Johnson said: “I’m a little bit afraid with the appointment of Xabi Alonso or Steven Gerrard. The next appointment is going to be difficult. I was worried about bringing in people with little experience. I also think we’ve seen that bringing club legends back to manage former clubs is rarely successful.”

    “We saw that since Fergie left Manchester United they haven’t been able to find a replacement. And we can see something similar here. This type of manager is difficult to replace. Especially for people with very little experience.”

    “Of course in football timing is everything and this kind of dream job will never come again. Therefore, they will be tempted to accept the job. It’s hard to achieve the kind of success that Klopp has, and you have to put Klopp on the same level as Shankly and Paisley as Liverpool’s best managers of all time. “