Frank is confident Toney won’t move teams.

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Brentford manager Thomas Frank said he was always confident that. Striker Ivan Toney would not leave the team in the January transfer football window.

    Arsenal and Chelsea are both heavily linked with the England striker. But in the end, the winter window closed with Toney remaining with the team. Frank is happy that the player stayed with the team and said he was never worried about a possible transfer. UFABET 

    “be happy? Yes, but I’m pretty sure, as I said from the beginning. That Ivan will be with us. So I’m not worried at all. Overall it’s great to know what you’re doing in that situation, yes (I’m happy).” Frank said.

    “I think any player who has a contract is generally our decision at the end of the day whether he stays with the team or not. Of course, talking about money We know we are a ‘selling’ club as you call it. We know that is part of the strategy.”

    “We need a talented young Abu player. Develop them and make them better. Move forward together Develop and hopefully do great things in the league. And maybe one day he will win something.”

    “But in the end, after many years If they’re good enough. They will advance to the next level.”