Carra reveals what his father said after Klopp took charge of Liverpool.

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Jamie Carragher reveals what Sir Alex Ferguson said when Jurgen Klopp took over as Liverpool manager back in 2015.

    Last week the German boss Created a stir by announcing his retirement from the position of Anfield boss. After the end of this season, Carragher revealed Sir Alex’s words that he highly praised Klopp.

    “I’m not sure you can replace him. The great thing about Klopp is, I met him personally sometimes. Or a little meeting where he’s just like what you see on TV. It’s not a show. He is himself,” Carragher told The Overlap. UFABET 


“Whoever they manage next has to be their own person – they can’t be like Jurgen Klopp.”

    “I always look back at the Testimonial game at Manchester United, I think it was the Michael Carrick game, I played and Sir Alex was. Manager of one competing team”

    “He was walking around in the dressing room, Klopp was announced as Liverpool manager two weeks ago and he said to me: ‘You’ve got the manager.’ It was a UEFA conference where Europe’s top managers gathered. He’s just being himself – he’s only with Dortmund for the time being.”

    “I always remember when Klopp came on Monday Night Football and I asked him about that meeting. He said he had only been there twice, he said ‘I just wanted to see if I was as good as them. I’m at that point now. So I don’t need to go anywhere else!’”

    “I think he has a lot of confidence, very comfortable with himself. He is a god at Liverpool – who knows what will happen this season? When I heard the news I can’t do anything right.”