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“A recent survey stated that the average person’s greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. This ranked even higher than death, which was third on the list. So, you’re telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than the guy giving the eulogy?” :Jerry Seinfeld

Covered In Rust


“For the rose, there comes a day when the risk to remain in the bud is more painful than the risk to bloom.” :Anaïs Nin

Over drinks a few weeks ago, a good friend of mine, who has a high-paying job, wanted me and another friend to know an opening had emerged at his company. It wasn’t glamorous. But even at entry-level, it offered a salary high above what either of us currently makes.

While it was certainly something to consider, I didn’t consider it for long. I absolutely love what I do, and although I would like to be paid more, I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to do this work for just about any other. I was a paycheck player once, a few years ago, putting good-sized checks in the bank doing a job I had zero passion for. It is no coincidence that was also the time of my greatest depression. That was a turning point for me.  The work I do now I would do for free, and at present, that is worth more than any paycheck.  This is me every day:

Annoying, I know.  But even as I was tossing the idea aside, my other friend said something that startled me. “I would quit my job yesterday.”

“Really?” we both asked. He went on. “I used to have a policy that when I was stressed enough at work to dream about it that night, I would take the next day off… that policy was no longer possible when I was dreaming about work 3 nights a week.”

The next time we saw the friend who had told us about the job, he had gone so far as to print out a job description, assuring my unfulfilled and underpaid friend that this new job would be a lock if he came in for the interview. He said, “You’ll be studying a lot the first few months, but you’ll get the hang of it. And then it’ll be cake.”

My friend seemed like he was going to do it. I was pretty psyched for him. I knew that it was only the slimmest of chances that even caused them to meet in the first place, and now something potentially life-changing was coming from it. A promotion on a level he could never get from his current employer.

I asked my buddy about it the other day, when it was just the two of us. I was surprised by what he said… Read more

How to Stop Getting the Yellow Pages


You can stop getting Yellow Pages.  Not to be all over here, but I wanted to share this discovery with you…

Times have changed.  If I ever used the Yellow Pages for anything, it’s totally possible that it would be to raise the height of my laptop in order to make it easier to look up someone’s phone number on What’s more, I might not even notice the irony.

If you are anything like me, the sight of a freshly-printed Yellow Pages on your doorstep is a frustrating one. You never in any way asked for this book to be delivered to your door. Plus, it represents needless paper and energy waste, and you’re just going to throw it in the recycling bin anyway. It also represents a significant amount of time and expense. Think of the man hours required to make sure every apartment/condo/house has a Yellow Pages on its door at least once a year.

Today I discovered an amazing and little-known website that allows you to stop getting Yellow Pages.   Read more

A Path Seen But Not Taken

Nothing So Cancerous

“Nothing is as cancerous to the system as a path seen but not taken.”

:67-year-old French Brandon, who spent all his stock market windfall on drugs, squatted in a New Orleans crackhouse for 5 years, survived Katrina, and then moved to Vermont to become a writer (as told to me in February 2006)



This is not actually me.  This is actually a metaphor.  A pretty great metaphor for what this whole website is about. Because this little guy knows that…

Because standing up in the middle of a room all by yourself is about as
true a description of taking risks as I can think of…